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Please welcome new player Dane, who is bringing in Kylar [personal profile] mizuma, and his brother Arin [personal profile] ghostfacin. Jade is also bringing in new characters Thomas [personal profile] deep_mysteries and Shichiro [personal profile] accidental_deity

Let's decide what room each student/teachers are in, too. Enrollment and staff has dropped due to 3 student deaths/disappearances and 1 teacher death last year. Available classrooms are the A and B class of each year. My suggestion:

3-A: HR teacher Miyuki, all 3rd year characters
2-B: HR teacher Yuzuya, all 2nd year characters
1-A: HR teacher Ren, all 1st years

Please comment here and confirm if this is ok or if you prefer another class. Thank you!

Sports Day

Aug. 3rd, 2009 05:34 pm
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Okay, Sports Day is coming up in-game on Sat. June 7th, and here's some things you might want to know. I know this is a lot of info and I'm not going to bitch trip about that you must know it, it's just here if you want it to think of a fun idea for something your character can get involved in.

What is Sports Day?
Sports Day at Kikuryou is a major event in which the school tries to impress parents, the community, and most of all donors and trustee members with a sometimes cloying display of order, sportsmanship, teamwork, and athletic ability. Nothing is more important at a Sports Day event than showing how the students are well-organized and can work as a team. Because of this showing the students marching in step (even goose-stepping) is a big favorite with snooty private schools.

On a more obvious level, Sports Day is a competition between a "Red Team" and a "Blue Team" to see which team can win more points by the end of the day. There is one event (a group jump rope contest, see below) which is a competition between classes and doesn't have anything to do with the points. Just gives your class bragging rights and a framed award to hang on the wall.

Ghost*Sugar Sports Day FAQ )

* * * *

Questions, comments, requests? Who do you want your character teamed with or against? A job your teacher will do, or an event your student wants to compete in? (Students can't compete in more than 2 optional events, please. Sorry Kokoro, you would win everything otherwise.) First-come first-serve. Please comment here and we'll talk. Thanks!


FAQ Update

Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:42 pm
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Added more stuff regarding how teachers can discipline students to the FAQ. Some of it is a little bit embellished for the sake of RP. If you have a question that should be in the FAQ, please comment there or contact a mod over AIM. Thanks.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our thread index: Ghost*Sugar Episode Guide. We will post links to all rp threads here, in chronological order. If you start a thread, let a mod know what kind of description to put up there for your thread, and we'll get it up there correctly.
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Welcome to our OOC community. I'm going to be posting useful resources and announcing bits of the comm that have been constructed here. As we gain actual members, we'll announce them here, too. Please keep an eye on this closet, I hope it will be a fun one even if the walls do bleed.

One applicant was asking for more info about Japanese school. I know it's really lame but I have bits and pieces that may or may not be useful here:
Stuff About Japanese School I certainly don't expect anyone to remember all of this, and it probably won't even come up in rp. It's just for if you were curious. If you have more questions, fire away.

If there are any of you having trouble finding a good family name for your character, I was looking too, and I got irritated with really stupid mistakes in a few that I found online. Two sites that I found had the pen names of authors and artists in them, like Hokusai and Jippensha. These aren't real last names at all, they're trade names that were made up-- or there were like, given names that were in there as last names. Unhappy with this, I made a page. If you need a nice normal name, or want to see what kind of components make up a normal name in Japanese, go for it. I'm making a bigger list of names I've heard, but it's still in the works. Top 100 Japanese Family Names here.

I also found a lot of names here, thanks to good old Hitoshi Doi. You can see how many syllables and what kind of name combos go together well. This is a page of actor's names though, so be warned that some are not quite real names, they're stage names (like Kujira, Tarako, and Shiratori) but most are ok ones. Click on the big lists of male seiyuu for guys' names, and female seiyuu for girl names.

If there are other things you are finding you need to get your character rolling, please do not hesitate to tell us! Thanks! --Shiru


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