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Hopefully everyone enjoyed their class trip and a little bit of peace and quiet afterward -- or at least as much peace and quiet as anyone ever gets at Kikuryou!

Shigeru, elder son of the Matsuzaki family, will be arriving at the Academy to take the position of Kikuryou's new music teacher.. among other things. He is interested in the rumours of whatever darkness and foul energy is sleeping there in the area and how he might be able to make use of it for his own selfish, personal ambitions but these things take time. Shigeru is not one to handle boredom well and so he has every intention of stirring up trouble!
Red moths seem to be invading the school in incredible numbers but they are far from ordinary insects. Attracted relentlessly to the scent of their victims, their powdered wings carry a toxin that if breathed in produce an intense fear response. If one should touch one of them the effect is much more severe as the toxin induces a crippling, hallucinogenic effect in the victim that brings their worst fears, nightmares, and anxieties to the surface. The moths feed upon the fear and the terror and will entrap their victims in this state indefinitely as long as the moths survive. Once free of the moths the effects will eventually fade as long as the victim does not encounter more of the insects.
Shigeru is an older vampire who fully embraces his nature, lending him considerable power by that alone. He champions the ideology of vampire supremacy, viewing humans as little more than fodder and other non-humans as lesser creatures that pale in comparison to vampirekind. If that weren't enough he is also an unapologetic sadist and a narcissist though the exact nature of his brand of madness is hard to pinpoint. Whatever the cause, he is an extremely dangerous and depraved individual who lacks shame and has no sense of morality. He is very capable of hiding all of this behind a convincing, charming front meant to inspire trust and create doubt in the face of accusations. He will maintain this as long as he sees fit, preferring to pull strings from the shadows in the meantime. However, when that time does come he can and will fight and is quite formidable. Beyond enhanced speed and strength he also possesses the dark powers inherent to his kind that allow him other abilities such as compulsion.
Presently, he is making use of that in order to manipulate adorable first year Tom Marsh for his own ends. Aware of the boy's talents with magic he managed to ensnare him and put him to good use as the figurehead of his cruel game, drawing suspicion away from him while he continues to act behind the scenes. This is essentially an event in layers and there are plenty of opportunities here for interactions both positive and negative. On his own, Shigeru is a manipulator capable of shaking up loyalties by planting the seeds of mistrust wherever he sees fit for an entertaining time. By that same token he can eventually be a catalyst for characters to find reasons to work together.

Basically, this is an elegant way of saying that if you want some dramarama in your life then we can hook you up~

Fun and games are heeeere!
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Dopple event is finished and it's time for something new. Kikuryou's students and teachers are being sent to a rural farming community in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu!

Get your work boots and gloves ready and bring your Tiger Balm, folks. Teachers and students will go on an all-expenses-paid work-study trip to participate in a week long biology education course sponsored by the government. Students and teachers will be taken to work on farms and catch fish to learn about food. At night they will stay in a hot-spring country inn.

The kids have to do each activity in pairs, so if you want CR with a certain someone, you can say they were paired together by drawing names. Pairs can be any grade together or even student-teacher if you really want. You can have different partners for different events. Accommodations can be in twos or fours or even M&F just make up an excuse. Do what you like.

You can choose to have your character participate in threads with prompts. Activities available include:

--Going out as a team on a small fishing boat to catch skipjack tuna with poles. A storm will be coming in.
--Planting, weeding, or harvesting together as a team. Chief crops are mustard flowers, tangerines, grapes, honey.
--Cooking contest with a partner ($100/¥10000 prize)
--Caring for wee baby free-range Kagoshima Black Piglets including bottle-feeding, bathing, petting, racing, and playing.
--Turtle Rescue: a trip to Yakushima beach at night to document endangered loggerhead turtles laying eggs, help tag and measure turtles, and count turtles, nests, and eggs being laid. Free time on night beach afterwards.
--Visiting Yakushima, a primeval wild rain forest preserve with trees older than 2000 years. Home to ancient species of weasels, yaku macaque, and sika deer. Nice beaches there.
--gigantic sushi eating contest (vegetarian available) (prize is a fancy dinner for two that can be used in Kikuryou)
--Getting into randy shenanigans Bathing and sleeping at a cozy traditional Japanese inn. Haunted? Up to you


I ask that if you join threads that you check back and tag in a timely manner to prevent a pileup of back tagging all the events ok? This event lasts one month at the most and then we are moving on to new things!

Also please remember: if you are no longer feeling your old character, you are totally welcome to change what you need to, give them powers, do a new character, whatever you want!

Questions? Plotting? Come chat with us on Skype in the game chat or ask here!
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What is the Shapeshifter Event?

Over the course of about a week, an entity - codenamed Agent Dopple - will be infiltrating Kikuryou Academy and spying on students, faculty, and monsters alike. This is your opportunity for twofold shenanigans! Firstly, Agent Dopple is interested in getting as much information as possible, about as many people as possible. This primarily involves shapeshifting, as Dopple can use the powers of anyone they shift into, providing an invaluable source of information. More importantly, Dopple wants to get intel on the relationships and dynamics of the Academy, especially those with supernatural powers or who have some importance on the campus. Thus, Dopple will also attempt to interact with as many as possible, often by transforming into someone seen as trustworthy. So, if you've ever wanted your characters to have awkward UST, hilarious misunderstandings, or have a catalyst for follow-up interactions, Dopple’s attempts can work well for that.

The second involves the ongoing plot with the Council of Enlightenment. If Agent Dopple shifts into your character or interacts with said character, all information gained can be used later for further CoE events. Think of this as your doorway into ongoing plot, so if there are things you want to explore with your character, be sure to incorporate that into your posts.

Who is Agent Dopple? read more )

What is the Council of Enlightenment? read more )

Who is Hyuga Mikaela? read more )

Sports Day

Aug. 3rd, 2009 05:34 pm
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Okay, Sports Day is coming up in-game on Sat. June 7th, and here's some things you might want to know. I know this is a lot of info and I'm not going to bitch trip about that you must know it, it's just here if you want it to think of a fun idea for something your character can get involved in.

What is Sports Day?
Sports Day at Kikuryou is a major event in which the school tries to impress parents, the community, and most of all donors and trustee members with a sometimes cloying display of order, sportsmanship, teamwork, and athletic ability. Nothing is more important at a Sports Day event than showing how the students are well-organized and can work as a team. Because of this showing the students marching in step (even goose-stepping) is a big favorite with snooty private schools.

On a more obvious level, Sports Day is a competition between a "Red Team" and a "Blue Team" to see which team can win more points by the end of the day. There is one event (a group jump rope contest, see below) which is a competition between classes and doesn't have anything to do with the points. Just gives your class bragging rights and a framed award to hang on the wall.

Ghost*Sugar Sports Day FAQ )

* * * *

Questions, comments, requests? Who do you want your character teamed with or against? A job your teacher will do, or an event your student wants to compete in? (Students can't compete in more than 2 optional events, please. Sorry Kokoro, you would win everything otherwise.) First-come first-serve. Please comment here and we'll talk. Thanks!



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