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What is the Shapeshifter Event?

Over the course of about a week, an entity - codenamed Agent Dopple - will be infiltrating Kikuryou Academy and spying on students, faculty, and monsters alike. This is your opportunity for twofold shenanigans! Firstly, Agent Dopple is interested in getting as much information as possible, about as many people as possible. This primarily involves shapeshifting, as Dopple can use the powers of anyone they shift into, providing an invaluable source of information. More importantly, Dopple wants to get intel on the relationships and dynamics of the Academy, especially those with supernatural powers or who have some importance on the campus. Thus, Dopple will also attempt to interact with as many as possible, often by transforming into someone seen as trustworthy. So, if you've ever wanted your characters to have awkward UST, hilarious misunderstandings, or have a catalyst for follow-up interactions, Doppleā€™s attempts can work well for that.

The second involves the ongoing plot with the Council of Enlightenment. If Agent Dopple shifts into your character or interacts with said character, all information gained can be used later for further CoE events. Think of this as your doorway into ongoing plot, so if there are things you want to explore with your character, be sure to incorporate that into your posts.

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