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Sports Day

Okay, Sports Day is coming up in-game on Sat. June 7th, and here's some things you might want to know. I know this is a lot of info and I'm not going to bitch trip about that you must know it, it's just here if you want it to think of a fun idea for something your character can get involved in.

What is Sports Day?
Sports Day at Kikuryou is a major event in which the school tries to impress parents, the community, and most of all donors and trustee members with a sometimes cloying display of order, sportsmanship, teamwork, and athletic ability. Nothing is more important at a Sports Day event than showing how the students are well-organized and can work as a team. Because of this showing the students marching in step (even goose-stepping) is a big favorite with snooty private schools.

On a more obvious level, Sports Day is a competition between a "Red Team" and a "Blue Team" to see which team can win more points by the end of the day. There is one event (a group jump rope contest, see below) which is a competition between classes and doesn't have anything to do with the points. Just gives your class bragging rights and a framed award to hang on the wall.

Red Team and Blue Team?
Classes are divided up so that there is an even number of each year of student on the teams. We will decide the team assignments among the characters fairly somehow and let everyone know. Each student wears a thin bandanna of their team's color. Both the Red Team and Blue Team choose a captain and a cheer squad. The cheering squad (ouen-dan) will be made up of an even number of boys and girls representing each year. They wear longer bandannas than the others. They make posters and a large flag and choose a mascot for their team (such as a blue dolphin, or a red dragon, or something like that). They are responsible for leading cheers and keeping everyone's energy high. They also make a presentation of their own choosing, such as a dance, cheer, or a comedic skit, to get everyone's spirits up. More about that below.

What will my character do to get ready for Sports Day?
At P.E., lunch recess, and after school for the next few weeks, classes will be practicing in P.E. clothes for their Sports Day events and presentations. Students are made to practice marching, filing in and out, practice doing warm-up exercises, and so forth for a few weeks on end. They might also practice as a class for certain events, such as group jump-rope. After school the pep squads and student council will be making posters and practicing their presentations.

Teachers will have to oversee practice and make their homerooms march, march, march. They are under a lot of pressure to make sure the students behave properly, lift those knees, and participate with a good attitude. If a student misbehaves at Sports Day you can be sure that people will blame it on the homeroom teacher. Teachers also must make sure kids don't get overheated or injured.

What will my character do AT Sports Day?
Students will wear their P.E. clothes and headband and participate in events that are divided by grade. For instance, The 100-meter dash pits the 1st year Red Team members (only 8 or so students run at a time) against the 1st year Blue Team to see how many students can place in the top 4. Then the 2nd year goes, then the 3rd. When students are not participating in an event, they sit in chairs under a tent canopy in neat rows and cheer on their team. More about the actual events below!

Parents often travel to make sure to take pictures and video of their child. During lunch break, kids eat with their parents and friends while teachers try to escape to the teacher's room. You can have your student character's family show up or have your student go it alone, it's up to you.

Teachers will be needed to help as much as they can with the work of making Sports Day happen, before, during, and after the event. You don't have to RP it all out but if there's something you want to have your character do, talk to a mod. Examples of jobs would be: setting up and taking down the field, chalk lines, roping off competition areas, and bringing out equipment;managing start and finish lines, setting up chairs and canopies for the audience, preparing flyers, snacks, tea, and lunches for important guests, setting up and managing the audio equipment and music, supervising the students to make sure they behave well and don't get hurt, spotting during dangerous events, first aid duty, and of course, cheering!

Kikuryou's Sports Day Events: *=optional event
-Entry Procession- All students march into the field to pompous or energetic BGM in step.
-Warm-up Exercises- Again, done in a style that looks military from this side of the pond. Students who look lazy doing this look very bad and are embarrassing for the homeroom teacher.
-100 meter dash
-300 meter dash*
-110 meter Hurdles*
-3k meter run*
-Relay Race*
-Obstacle Course*
-3-legged Race*
-7-legged Race* (like a 3-legged Race but with a team of 6)
-Tug of War (Red 1st years vs. Blue 1st years, and so on. Teachers will participate.)

-Class Jump Rope Competition- Each homeroom class tries to jump rope with all thirty people and the teacher and one huge long rope. The class which completes the most jumps gets a prize.

-River Crossing Race- a race in one person, dressed as a boatman in a hat and carrying a long pole, must climb over the backs of the their team members, who line up with backs bent over so that the walker can "cross the river" and reach the finish line first. When you've been walked over, you run out to line up in front again for the walker to walk on your back again.

-Calvary Battle (Kiba Sen 騎馬戦)- Google/YouTube it. Boys and girls are separate. It's a rather violent contest like jousting or playing chicken. One person is a samurai being carried on the shoulders of three people who act as a "horse." The object is to charge and knock your opponent samurai down (usually the girl's version is watered down to stealing their hat or headband. We will go for the knocking down because that's lame.) People always get hurt doing this but it wouldn't be Sports Day without it.

-Club/Team procession- The students in sports clubs wear their team uniforms and march back in after lunch holding their club's sign.

-Ball Toss- baskets for each grade and team are erected on a tall pole. Everyone throws small balls into the basket. The team with the most balls when time's up wins. Teachers will participate too.

-Bread Eating Relay Race- A relay race in which participants must eat a sweet bread which is hanging from a string with no hands, then tag the next person.

-Group Exercises (boys and girls usually separate)- this is called Kumi Taisou (組み体操). It's kind of like synchronized swimming (just on land). It's meant to show off athleticism, coordination, and group unity.

At some schools the girls' version will be called Group Dance or something. It can be similar to a cheerleading, drill team, calisthenetics, or gymnastics. It isn't "sexy" like cheerleading in American schools.The routine is often designed by girls who have an interest in dance working together with teachers. This is every lazy or shy girl's absolute nightmare but participation is MANDATORY. The boys (also mandatory) do poses and make giant pyramids and stuff to show off their strength and teamwork. It's very "WE ARE JAPANESE MEN RAR." The boys are usually shirtless and barefoot during the event.)

-Cheer Squad Performances (One by Blue, one by Red). This is up to the students to create. It can be very Japanese-style "ouendan" or sometimes it's a hip-hop style dance, as seen here. Freaking awesome video! I think Ulf would be great for this.

-Folk Dance- The grand finale, a giant square dance in which all the kids must dance, then switch partners as they go around a circle. Parents love this.

* * * *
Just in case you aren't familiar with Sports Day and you want to know more about it to get the picture, here are some links.

Warm Up Exercises
Really good slideshow of various events! At 1:41 you can see the kids doing a traditional "ouen-dan" or cheering squad (with the team flag, in the uniforms). At 2:11 you can see the kids doing the Class Jump Rope.
Boys' Group Exercises Giant 7-level pyramid- it's from 1982 so it's old school.
Group Exercises 3-level pyramid- I think this is boys and girls possibly.
Cavalry Battle
General Video of Sports Day that shows various events. Group exercise at 0:54 might make it easier to understand.
Cheerleading Squad (ouendan)Guy with the long headband is the Red Team Leader.
Folk Dance- At 1:18 you can see kid Yuzuya >D

* * * *

Questions, comments, requests? Who do you want your character teamed with or against? A job your teacher will do, or an event your student wants to compete in? (Students can't compete in more than 2 optional events, please. Sorry Kokoro, you would win everything otherwise.) First-come first-serve. Please comment here and we'll talk. Thanks!


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Kei has shanghai'd the volleyball team into helping move stuff. ♥

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On that note, Kei will be running around doing announcements and making sure everything is going smoothly, participating in whatever is mandatory. XD

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Ayumi's gonna be a busy woman that day. In the teacher thread she said that all but two spots were filled -- Shiru and I agreed that everyone who plays a teacher can pick what they'll do. In some cases, Ayumi may have just assigned it to them if she was sure they'd be good at it. Like, say, maybe Ren is in charge of food/snacks. So on and so forth.

Does that sound okay with everyone?

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Ren: *mouth full* .... raccoons?

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She'll share her snacks with Ulf-- which will probably start rumors that they are in DANGEROUS LOVE~~~

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Yuzuya will do the audio/visual type stuff like help with microphones, music, and recording, and spot the kids during dangerous events. As a junior teacher he'll have to do a lot of grunt work too, like setting up and taking down canopies and chairs.

Suguru says doesn't want to do anything in Sports Day he doesn't have to. But he'll still sign up for the 300 meter dash and the hurdles in secret.

Nao will probably get stuck with obstacle course and bread-eating race.