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Welcome and Resources Links

Welcome to our OOC community. I'm going to be posting useful resources and announcing bits of the comm that have been constructed here. As we gain actual members, we'll announce them here, too. Please keep an eye on this closet, I hope it will be a fun one even if the walls do bleed.

One applicant was asking for more info about Japanese school. I know it's really lame but I have bits and pieces that may or may not be useful here:
Stuff About Japanese School I certainly don't expect anyone to remember all of this, and it probably won't even come up in rp. It's just for if you were curious. If you have more questions, fire away.

If there are any of you having trouble finding a good family name for your character, I was looking too, and I got irritated with really stupid mistakes in a few that I found online. Two sites that I found had the pen names of authors and artists in them, like Hokusai and Jippensha. These aren't real last names at all, they're trade names that were made up-- or there were like, given names that were in there as last names. Unhappy with this, I made a page. If you need a nice normal name, or want to see what kind of components make up a normal name in Japanese, go for it. I'm making a bigger list of names I've heard, but it's still in the works. Top 100 Japanese Family Names here.

I also found a lot of names here, thanks to good old Hitoshi Doi. You can see how many syllables and what kind of name combos go together well. This is a page of actor's names though, so be warned that some are not quite real names, they're stage names (like Kujira, Tarako, and Shiratori) but most are ok ones. Click on the big lists of male seiyuu for guys' names, and female seiyuu for girl names.

If there are other things you are finding you need to get your character rolling, please do not hesitate to tell us! Thanks! --Shiru