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The Terror of the Scarlet Moths Event!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their class trip and a little bit of peace and quiet afterward -- or at least as much peace and quiet as anyone ever gets at Kikuryou!

Shigeru, elder son of the Matsuzaki family, will be arriving at the Academy to take the position of Kikuryou's new music teacher.. among other things. He is interested in the rumours of whatever darkness and foul energy is sleeping there in the area and how he might be able to make use of it for his own selfish, personal ambitions but these things take time. Shigeru is not one to handle boredom well and so he has every intention of stirring up trouble!
Red moths seem to be invading the school in incredible numbers but they are far from ordinary insects. Attracted relentlessly to the scent of their victims, their powdered wings carry a toxin that if breathed in produce an intense fear response. If one should touch one of them the effect is much more severe as the toxin induces a crippling, hallucinogenic effect in the victim that brings their worst fears, nightmares, and anxieties to the surface. The moths feed upon the fear and the terror and will entrap their victims in this state indefinitely as long as the moths survive. Once free of the moths the effects will eventually fade as long as the victim does not encounter more of the insects.
Shigeru is an older vampire who fully embraces his nature, lending him considerable power by that alone. He champions the ideology of vampire supremacy, viewing humans as little more than fodder and other non-humans as lesser creatures that pale in comparison to vampirekind. If that weren't enough he is also an unapologetic sadist and a narcissist though the exact nature of his brand of madness is hard to pinpoint. Whatever the cause, he is an extremely dangerous and depraved individual who lacks shame and has no sense of morality. He is very capable of hiding all of this behind a convincing, charming front meant to inspire trust and create doubt in the face of accusations. He will maintain this as long as he sees fit, preferring to pull strings from the shadows in the meantime. However, when that time does come he can and will fight and is quite formidable. Beyond enhanced speed and strength he also possesses the dark powers inherent to his kind that allow him other abilities such as compulsion.
Presently, he is making use of that in order to manipulate adorable first year Tom Marsh for his own ends. Aware of the boy's talents with magic he managed to ensnare him and put him to good use as the figurehead of his cruel game, drawing suspicion away from him while he continues to act behind the scenes. This is essentially an event in layers and there are plenty of opportunities here for interactions both positive and negative. On his own, Shigeru is a manipulator capable of shaking up loyalties by planting the seeds of mistrust wherever he sees fit for an entertaining time. By that same token he can eventually be a catalyst for characters to find reasons to work together.

Basically, this is an elegant way of saying that if you want some dramarama in your life then we can hook you up~

Fun and games are heeeere!