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 Hi! Rini here, making the world of G*S a little bigger (or at least the campus) with the inclusion of dormitories!

Yes, students who traveled from afar, now you have an actual place to sleep!

There are three dorms for students at Kikuryou. The first, and oldest dorm is an old, spooky, Japanese-style  wooden building the calls back to the late Meiji era,  Himawari Dorm.  It is also the cheapest dormitory on campus, housing only 40 students in total (20 boys and 20 girls). The lights go out frequently despite numerous visits by an electrician, and there are several ghosts that are rumored to roam the halls. Most students who live here past the first year tend to keep additional spare battery surge protectors on their devices.  It does not have air conditioning.


The most recent ghost, a student who committed suicide after failing to capture their girlfriend’s heart, has been there since 1985. Nicknamed “Closet-san” he’s fond of appearing inside the girls’ side of the dormitory, often appearing in a closet to weep over the loss of his “Sayaka-chan.”


Himarwari Dormitory boasts their oldest “dorm mother”, Himewara Hachiko, who will be turning 65 this year. She’s very strict, even with the ghosts. Himawari dorm has a single communal bath residents of the dorm are expected to keep clean to Hachiko-baasan’s liking. Despite being the dorm with the most issues, it’s also known for having the hottest bathwater.


The second oldest dormitory, Kiku Dorm, was built in the 1960s and remodeled in the 1990s. Kiku dorm is a larger structure, housing 66 students, all female, and features a Japanese garden, a game room, two baths, and a small swimming pool (currently closed). Named for the benefactor’s daughter who it was built for, Kiku dorm is also home to 10 ghosts of varying eras. Most of them are harmless, except for O-Rin-sama.


O-Rin was killed on the grounds before the dormitory was built, and her bones are currently in the wrong place. She appears with her body parts in the wrong places (Head below the knees, feet where the neck ought to be, etc)  and when she’s in a particularly foul mood, will drag students to the pool in an attempt to drown them. Most of these attacks have been on male paramours, which may be O-Rin-sama’s problem.


Kiku dorm is watched over by two dorm mothers, Tanioka Yukie and Ikemizu Botan. Tanioka-san watches over the first and half of the second years, while Ikemizu-san watches over the other half of the second years and the third years.


The newest dormitory, Sumire Dorm, was built in 2000 and is the most technologically advanced of the three dorms. It is co-ed, as is Himawari dormitory, and houses 40 students on four floors. The floors are divided by gender, male/female/male/female, and are single-room dorms. Because of this, it is the most expensive of the three dormitories. Because of superstition, the 4th floor of the dormitory is actually considered the 5th floor, as they skipped it on purpose. There is a basement in the dormitory, but it is mostly unused (except by ghosts).


Sumire dorm was named after Principal Narimatsu’s granddaughter, Murakami Sumire, if only because her name happened to fall into the same “flower” scheme as the other two. (And also because she harassed him for a third dormitory to stick more of their foreign-and-supernatural students in.) It features a bath on every floor, a private chef to make meals for the 40 students (including bento lunches), extremely fast internet, two large common rooms with flatscreen TVs and an entertainment center, and study spaces where students can work on their homework together.


Each student’s room is expected to be maintained and orderly. These larger dorms also feature a water closet with a toilet, a sink, and a mirror. Students in Sumire dorm are encouraged to visit one another during normal hours. It is headed by two dorm mothers, Murakami Sumire and [Teacher to be Decided], and students are encouraged to bring issues to either dorm mother.


It is the calmest, and least haunted of the three dormitories.


All students are expected to take care of their living spaces, there are no exceptions, so dirty rooms will not be tolerated. All students are expected to be in their rooms by 10PM, with the exception of some sports teams who are allowed a later curfew due to practices. There is a rumor that one of the students have one of the only private bathrooms in Sumire Dorm, but no one is sure who it is.