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Ghost*Sugar Crack Meme

Because I KNOW that we all come up with ridiculous crack headcanon.
So I'm an organisational potato so I figured it might be fun to have a place where we can share all our stupid and ridiculous and silly and PROBABLY-NOT-GONNA-HAPPEN headcanon and then it is preserved here for our viewing pleasure!
Plus then people can leave comments for even more silliness ehuehuhuehueueh.
It's all in good fun but of course you guys know that! Enjoy~~~
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Kylar is legit worried that when he figures out what Shichiro is he's going to be some kind of sentient vegetable creature or something and be super disappointed.
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But horses eat vegetables and it would be so fitting. Imagine if Shichiro was a carrot spirit.
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Eheheheh except he's not a typical horse and so he hates vegetables with a burning passion! Meat is the only acceptable food (liver excluded). X3
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I was going for a dick joke 8D

but now it makes sense that he doesn't want a vegetable
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(Funnily enough, I think Shichiro kind of has the same worry. Putting the Dopple thing aside, in the back of his mind there's always the "WHAT ARE YOU REALLY, KYLAR!?!?!?" thought.)
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Nao hides romance novels underneath the drawers of her desk from prying eyes. She also has a secret stash of candy there. She loves to curl up on a rainy night with the window open and read.

Sometimes little forest gods comes in to get out of the rain. She lets it take a bath with her, dries it and uses her hair dryer to get it warm. Then she cooks yummy food and feeds it offerings and reads to it. This has legit happened with Shichiro in fox kit form. She likes it when he snuggles on her pillow against her face.

If Nao ever finds out that Shichiro is that little fox, she will murder him. He has seen her naked. And he knows she reads steamy romance and he knows things she told him about cute boys. He must die.
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But how can you kill something so adorable? :< I'd say he'd take this secret to his grave, but that is, in fact, what Nao has in mind!
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Suguru is really dumb in the way he talks and acts but his kanji handwriting is the best of anybody's because he lived in the time that that was all that was used and education used corporal punishment. He is actually good at Literature and Math but is always too tired and bored to apply himself.

The real reason he misbehaves is he is completely bored with life and trying to make things interesting.

His dreams are to go skydiving, live in New York City, and meet Stan Lee.

His idea of the perfect date is getting crepes from a street vendor and playing games together at the arcade. He would never say that out loud though.

He has some BL manga on his shelf in his dorm room, cleverly hidden inside dust jackets of an ecchi series called SEXY CYBER MAID-TANS FLASH!!!!
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Shichiro is a lot more of a fox than he generally lets on. Among other things...

-He does have a mating season. In winter he will basically lose his ever-loving mind. It'll be horrible.

-He's super-territorial and he's basically snarled his way into a nice little territory in the mountain. Kylar is so far the only person he's taken to see part of it.

-Almost all of what he knows about human romance comes from limited teenage observation and a lot of Nao's steamy romance novels. As a result of this, his perspective is hilariously skewed.

-Shichiro prefers even negative reactions to nothing. So that's part of the reason he goes to extremes in both ways- the one thing he doesn't want is to not make an impact.

-Shichiro's got an ambivalent relationship with Inari-okami. Suffice to say that he follows her lead no matter how grumbly he gets about it.

-Shichiro can't really handle losing people. He still feels the loss of his first human friend, and as time goes on, he's going to get increasingly clingy towards the friends he does make. Easiest way to make him wibbly and inclined to roll over is to remind him of limited time. Especially with humans!