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Shapeshifter Event

What is the Shapeshifter Event?

Over the course of about a week, an entity - codenamed Agent Dopple - will be infiltrating Kikuryou Academy and spying on students, faculty, and monsters alike. This is your opportunity for twofold shenanigans! Firstly, Agent Dopple is interested in getting as much information as possible, about as many people as possible. This primarily involves shapeshifting, as Dopple can use the powers of anyone they shift into, providing an invaluable source of information. More importantly, Dopple wants to get intel on the relationships and dynamics of the Academy, especially those with supernatural powers or who have some importance on the campus. Thus, Dopple will also attempt to interact with as many as possible, often by transforming into someone seen as trustworthy. So, if you've ever wanted your characters to have awkward UST, hilarious misunderstandings, or have a catalyst for follow-up interactions, Dopple’s attempts can work well for that.

The second involves the ongoing plot with the Council of Enlightenment. If Agent Dopple shifts into your character or interacts with said character, all information gained can be used later for further CoE events. Think of this as your doorway into ongoing plot, so if there are things you want to explore with your character, be sure to incorporate that into your posts.

Who is Agent Dopple?

Agent Dopple is a doppleganger - in this case, a created organism with the power of shapeshifting and mimicry. They are androgynous in their natural form, and has been frequently tasked with intelligence gathering with the Council in the past. They’re efficient, manipulative, and intelligent but honestly a bit of a coward. If faced with real danger, Dopple will generally choose to run or talk their way out of trouble, rather than risk a fight. This isn't to say that Dopple won’t fight to test out the powers currently being emulated - quite the contrary, they’ll always be happy to run such tests! - but if there’s real danger, Dopple feels no desire at all to play the hero.

To copy a person, Dopple does need to touch their skin. It doesn't have to be a prolonged or intense touch - brushing someone’s hand in the hallway will be enough - but it does have to be skin-on-skin. After that, Dopple can shift into the person touched. While shifted, Dopple has full access to that person’s powers, and has a basic idea of how to access and use them. In addition, Dopple has an instinctive grasp of how to act like the person shifted into, down to quirks and mannerisms, though they can choose to act otherwise if necessary. In essence, you can choose how accurate Dopple’s mimicry is, usually as dramatically or comedically appropriate for your purposes. Keep in mind, though, Dopple has done this before, and isn’t given to making glaring mistakes.

It is worth noting that Dopple has no sense of shame or conscience. If they feel like seduction, brutal offence, or cold-hearted manipulation is the best way of getting the intel necessary, they’ll do it without hesitation or remorse. Dopple was made to be a perfect spy, and they are very proud to live up to those design goals.

What is the Council of Enlightenment?

The Councile of Enlightenment or 'CoE' is the premier example of what happens when people decide to try to control everything. Formed years ago by a combination of mages, scientists, occult hunters, and a smattering of ‘monsters’, the Council has always had the long-term goal of scientifically investigating and understanding the supernatural. Whether it’s ghosts, magic, monsters, or anything else, the Council’s goal is to disperse superstition and folklore, and get to the real understanding of paranormal phenomenon. Speculation suggests this started out with good intentions, but as these things tend to go when someone realises there's more at stake than just knowledge things have taken a bit of a dramatic turn over time.

That manifested as a fun side effect -- the usual megalomaniacal dreams of power and control.

The Council has done - and continues to do - good work for those who don’t fit into normal society. That cannot be denied and frankly, that's a great part of its allure. ‘Freaks’ and ‘monsters’ of all sort are welcome, and the Council has found many ways to help integrate them into normal society and give them a chance for a normal life. Unfortunately, the CoE also tends to encourage their baser natures, and isn't shy about the leverage that gratitude affords them to turn their willing participants for its own purposes.

For the purposes of this RP, the CoE is deeply fascinated by the reports of the power locked away under the Academy, and will gradually escalate its excursions into Kikuryou. They’ll want to understand it and control it - scientifically, of course - and as a corollary, will want to research any supernatural individual they come across. They’ll also happily experiment/research the normal students, too. Control groups are important, after all.

Their aesthetic is very much one of mixed mad science and supernatural powers, a much more mechanical and scientific approach and power source than the folklore-and-myth basis of the Academy itself. And like any good clandestine research organization, they’ll never accept failure, just acknowledge the lessons to be learned and try again. And again. As many times as it takes. Collateral damage is accepted, expected, and acknowledged. Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, as they say.

As it's been said, the CoE takes part in aid and advocacy for those they might find a purpose for. What makes them both effective and dangerous is that they are not an organisation that is likely to appear as a bunch of suits. They are subtle in the way they infiltrate and many do not even know they are there until it's too late. And when the time comes for things to start surfacing? As far as the Academy is concerned, loyalties may be called into question! Could anyone be a CoE agent? What are their goals? Who are their targets if not everyone's identity as a 'monster' or 'gifted' individual is widely known? These questions are likely to cause tensions eventually, given time and development.

Who is Hyuga Mikaela?

Well known to fellow CoE operatives but fitting in rather seamlessly with the rest of the students at Kikuryou, Mikaela (who introduces herself more often as simply 'Mika') has been an agent of CoE for a few years, ever since her family was originally approached when she was much younger. She is quite loyal to the organisation that has helped her considering on her own she may have faced some amount of discrimination with her abilities.

Mika a fine marriage of supernatural and technology. Gifted with powers tied to elemental electricity she has since honed this ability to allow herself to be more of a "human calculator" or more accurately, a "human computer". If it runs on technology or machine language (see: code), then it's likely she can interact with - and infiltrate - it. Naturally, as this RP is concerned it is up to the individual how much access she has to anything whether it's someone's well-hidden folder of inappropriate hentai or simply private text messages from Mom~

She also has knowledge of magic and the occult and her ability to 'network' allows her to check and double check in the field. She's quite friendly and she might even be your good friend! She arrived on the first day with everyone else (expect tags you can participate in in the near future!) and her primary purpose is to fit in with the other students and do a different sort of intel gathering than Agent Dopple. What your character chooses to reveal to her is purely up to you!

Whatever's living in and around (under? above? Heheheh!) the Academy -- Hyuga Mikaela wants to know about it!

(NOTE: Dane here! I will be playing Mika so please feel free to contact me privately however you wish if you want to set up anything with her! I'm super flexible plot-wise so let us do the thing! )
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Thank you Jade & Dane! Cold-hearted manipulation is a go. Dopple as Nao is trying to get people with powers to use them to save her.

I am looking for a chance to tag with Suguru and have him tricked into giving things away by Dopple. If anyone wants to volunteer it could be fun.

Also if you want to just have Dopple as a random NPC, you can use the mod account!
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