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New characters, classroom assignments

Please welcome new player Dane, who is bringing in Kylar [personal profile] mizuma, and his brother Arin [personal profile] ghostfacin. Jade is also bringing in new characters Thomas [personal profile] deep_mysteries and Shichiro [personal profile] accidental_deity

Let's decide what room each student/teachers are in, too. Enrollment and staff has dropped due to 3 student deaths/disappearances and 1 teacher death last year. Available classrooms are the A and B class of each year. My suggestion:

3-A: HR teacher Miyuki, all 3rd year characters
2-B: HR teacher Yuzuya, all 2nd year characters
1-A: HR teacher Ren, all 1st years

Please comment here and confirm if this is ok or if you prefer another class. Thank you!
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This is fine with me~
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Sounds fine to me!
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fine by me!
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Works for me~~
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Miyuki-senseeeeei~ I hope you have stocked up on miniskirts!