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Canon Update/CR Meme

The game is ready to open again! Please tag all new posts in the main comm with SEASON 2. Old posts should be tagged SEASON 1. 

Note: The Japanese school year is different. Kikuryou's ended at the beginning of MARCH 2009 and there were 3 weeks vacation. The first day of school is on APRIL 6th. 

Many of us are making changes to characters. It's been years and we've forgotten stuff too. In the interest of saving time and encouraging CR, please:

Comment with your character, put their name in the subject line
1. Link to character's profile
2. Give us what we should know/remember about your character from Season 1, any big plots they were having or foreshadowing, etc we should keep an eye on. Links encouraged to important stuff.
3. Have you made changes to your character you have made such as a retcon or "soft reset" that we and other characters should be aware of now?
4. Anything that your character did during the time-skip that other characters would know about? Are they coming back from break with green hair, etc?
5. What kinds of plots and CR are you interested in doing? Any ideas?

Then the rest of us can comment below you and ask questions or kick the plots around. GO

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