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Reopening! Very Wow, So Relax!

 Welcome to Ghost*Sugar 2.0

1. Biggest rule: This is now a no-pressure plotty musebox comm for fun times to blow off stress. No drama, guilt, or grief about tagging.  Ain't nobody got time for that. Everybody has a grownup life now and we all get it. Just have fun with your characters and do all the things you want. Let's just be cool with each other.

2. You can retcon anything you need to, or "soft reset" or change aspects of your character that you're just not feeling anymore. Feel free to share new profiles or changes or whatnot on this comm.

3. We will be doing a time-skip to the beginning of the new school year (April 1st). That means you can promote your kid to the next grade up. If your character was a 3rd year student, feel free to just keep them at 3rd year if you wanted. 

4. Everybody is a mod now. It's a collaboration and we all have an equal amount of authority here. You can do whatever you want with the comms and posts.

5. No posts on your individual journal, too much work with friending everybody. If you are posting with your character on the school internet/network, you can post in main comm and tag it #network.

Find something that's epic from the old threads? please tag it "reread this" so we can enjoy. Thanks!

Did I miss anything? OK, it's your turn. Are you down with this? Let's party. We are kicking around the idea of having the teachers in a bar playing a drinking game for the first post. Anything else?

BTW you can now buy G*S merchandise.
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oh my god that merch is precious......
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--why am i logged in with this account
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