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Episode Guide update

Hey guys! It's Oliver, your friendly neighborhood mod here. I've just done a much-needed update on the Episode Guide, but some of the threads are missing summaries or just have quick ones thrown in because I haven't had time to read all of the lovely recent threads yet! This is just a quick and dirty update to get the ball rolling, so I'd appreciate it if you guys could give the June 2008 section a look-over and tell me if:

* any of the threads need to be in a different (in-game) chronological order than they were on the comm
* I mislabeled any threads as complete or in-progress

Also, please feel free to feed me summaries to plug into threads with missing summaries or ones with less than stellar ones. :D

And just one quick reminder: in addition to having character tags, every action thread needs to be tagged with the ic tag. Thanks, guys! <3

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