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so being the special, special boy I am, I've had this random urge to do silly G*S 4koma (silly 4 panel gag comics) while I'm in class not paying attention. Sadly I have so few ideas for it :C

SO MY LOVELY PEEPS if any of you have any silly ideas or request for short, lulzy situations involving any of the G*S characters, drop those ideas here :D and I will (probably) doodle them in class and post them somewhere around here.

and ddrrrghhhh also I have a few G*S doodles I've had lying around FOREVER and never posted here so uhh HERE YOU GO

Yuzuya and Chiaki and some nikuman x Chiaki and Nao baking cookies awww awww AWWWW x some silly doodles that include Yadoru, Miyuki, Chiaki, and Yuzuya

give me your ideas I will eat them up with cream cheese *schloooop*

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