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so being the special, special boy I am, I've had this random urge to do silly G*S 4koma (silly 4 panel gag comics) while I'm in class not paying attention. Sadly I have so few ideas for it :C

SO MY LOVELY PEEPS if any of you have any silly ideas or request for short, lulzy situations involving any of the G*S characters, drop those ideas here :D and I will (probably) doodle them in class and post them somewhere around here.

and ddrrrghhhh also I have a few G*S doodles I've had lying around FOREVER and never posted here so uhh HERE YOU GO

Yuzuya and Chiaki and some nikuman x Chiaki and Nao baking cookies awww awww AWWWW x some silly doodles that include Yadoru, Miyuki, Chiaki, and Yuzuya

give me your ideas I will eat them up with cream cheese *schloooop*

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I made some piccies too *craves all yer attenshuns whut?*

Kokoro volleyball ( | Ulf and Nao eating cookies ( | (older) Nao in onsen ( | (older) Yadoru ( | First-years (

My ideas (that we did in AIM anyway):

Yadoru: We can work together to fight these ghosts! >:(
Chiaki: We should, we can help people that way! 83
Yadoru: *is looking for something to commit harakiri*

Nao: We need a Hero Pose!
Chiaki: Hero P-p-pose? *turning blue*
Yadoru: *busy making mudra to fight something*
Nao: Oh Yadoru-kun! That's a very good Hero Pose! :O Chiaki-kun, you do it too!
Nao and Chiaki: *copying Yadoru's mudra, POOOOOSE!!!!*
Yadoru: *twitching in the bottom corner*

Nao: I want to be the Red Ranger! <333333
Yadoru: No! The Red Ranger is a boy! And the leader! You can be pink or yellow!
Nao: Yuck, pink or yellow, no way! Red is the color of an adorable maiden in the flower of youth, after all! <3 *ladylike blush*
Chiaki: What's a Power Ranger? >_>

Yadoru and Nao are in a fierce battle to see who will get their way. They are doing rock-paper-scissors and keep coming up ties. Chiaki is reading a book in the foreground, cuz this is taking FOREVER.
Nao: AH!!! Just now you did paper and then changed it!
Yadoru: I DID NOT! An awesome onmyouji like me does not have to resort to such puerile tactics!
Nao: Chiaki-kuuuun, YADORU-KUN IS A CHEATER *pouting*
Yadoru: I AM NOT!
Nao: Yadoru-kun, if kami-sama is not on your side, you must accept your destiny! D< Or bad things will happen to you!
Yadoru: *scoffs at lowly lame-o miko predictions* Please. Like what?
*an anvil is falling from the sky*

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We need some Ren and Miyuki.

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Ren and Sumire. :|b

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Hmmmmmm. Ayumi hanging out with Ren, Yuzuya, and perhaps even Miyuki! A random outing to go do Karaoke? A stroll around town?

And anything with Ayumi kicking butt is a-okay with me.

Perhaps her and Suguru dicussing how to be a well behaved Vampire? ...or even Ayumi having to lend Suguru a little blood?

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I cannot draw Suguru for the life of meeeee! I hope someone else can. I'm working on chibi teacher karaoke party drawings. :D

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Yay! I can't wait to see it! (And don't feel bad, I probably couldn't draw anyone or anything remotely human....)

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Don't feel bad, You have My Little Pony skillz. I am now imagining an Ayumi pony with messy hair and a big grin. And a Chiaki pony with those glasses. XD

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[identity profile] 2009-09-12 09:08 pm (UTC)(link) know, that's a really good idea. *ideas start forming*

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Haha! That is totally fine by me, since I'm sure she's done it hundreds of times in Judo-club.

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Kokoro and Ulf and Suguru

Sumire and Chiaki ♥